About Us

Altered Academics is a community of ambassadors and professional ESL teachers who aim to provide the tools and resources needed to help those from the Caribbean diaspora aspiring to live, study and pursue a successful educational career in Japan.

We trust that we can assist you in expanding to a more global reach with your skills to make the most of your opportunity.


Meet the Team


Jordanne Elliott

In 2017, I embarked on a journey like none other; living as a Caribbean expat in Northern Japan. My enriching experiences of fully immersing myself in the culture while working and living amongst the Japanese has inspired me to create a bridge to help those who are interested in having a similar priceless adventure.

Sandrine Waite

My journey to Japan was one of self-exploration. The JET programme allowed me the opportunity to experience many financial goals and freedom. I would recommend Japan as a place to live and work for a period of one's life. Exposure to the Asian culture in comparison to Western Culture is a welcomed look into many differences in the way in which people live.

Jessica Lowe

My Japan experience was so nice I did it twice! Shortly after leaving Japan in 2016, I returned in 2018 and have been living here ever since. I've had the opportunity to work in a variety of academic institutions at different levels across several of Japan's prefectures. I'd be lying if I said the journey was easy but it has truly been rewarding. Through this platform, I hope to share more of my experiences and expertise with those who are interested.

Our Favourites

We have chosen to share some of our favourite photos during our stay in Japan. Enjoy!